Create Dynamic Ads

Create dynamic ads in the Ads Library. Before you create dynamic ads, you'll need to set up your product feed

  1. Once you set up your product feed, navigate to Asset Management in the left navigation menu and click Ad Library.
  2. Click Create and select Create Dynamic Ads from the drop-down.
  3. Fill out the fields on the left and preview the ads on the right. The products shown in the previews are examples and will change dynamically when the ads serve.
  4. Click Create Ad.
  5. These will now appear in your ad library and be available for selection in any of your new/existing campaigns. 

Edit Ads

Any ads you upload will be stored in your Ad Library. You can search for your ads by name or use filter options to select the ad/s you want to edit.

Edit Individual Ads

To edit an individual ad, select the ad using the check box on the left, and choose the option to Edit, which appears at the top of the table.

  • For Dynamic Web ads, you can edit your ad’s Name or Destination URL.

    • For Dynamic Native ads, you can also edit the Brand Name and Description

  • For Dynamic Facebook ads, you can edit your ad’s Name, Destination URL, and text to accompany your ad image. You can also manage an optional call-to-action button.

Edit Multiple Ads

  1. Select all the ads you want to update using the checkboxes on the left and then click Edit on the menu that appears on the top of the table.
  2. Edit a field as needed.
  3. Click Apply to all if needed. This will apply the changes made to this field to all selected ads.
  4. Click Save. 

Editing any fields in the ad, with the exception of Name and UTM Parameters, will create a clone of the ad and trigger a review from our policy team. When the changes are approved, the cloned ad with edits will replace your existing ad in all campaigns and the ad library. If the edits are rejected, the original ad will continue running.

Assets used in an ad can not be changed after creating the ad. Please create a new ad with the updated asset. 

Copy Ads

Copied ads will exist along with the original ads from which the copies were made. The copied ads will not be automatically added to any campaigns but you can do this manually if you need to.

Copying can be used to quickly create multiple variants of an ad that differ slightly in the Text, Description or CTA used. This helps you test out different messaging and find out which performs best.

Delete Ads

Deleting an ad removes it from any campaigns it is serving in with immediate effect and from the ad library. You’ll no longer have access to the ad’s contents nor be able to restore the ad at any time. The performance metrics associated with the ad will still be viewable from the campaigns in which it ran.

We strongly recommend not deleting your ads unless truly necessary.

Adding UTM Tags

If you wish to add UTM tags for more tracking options, visit our article Add UTM Tags to your AdRoll Campaigns.


Check out all available Dynamic Ad template options.

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