Cookie Consent Tool Sequencing

In effort to meet requirements of the ePrivacy Directive and relatedly the GDPR, our current criteria require you collect your visitor's consent before your NextRoll Pixel fires on your site.

Depending on the wording you use in your consent tool, a user may give consent to cookie use by:

  • Clicking "Yes," "Allow," “Continue,” or similar wording, or

  • Clicking out of the consent banner, or

  • Navigational consent, which means clicking through to another page on your site or clicking somewhere else on the page.

Check Your Sequencing

  1. Open your inspect element.

    • Chrome:

      1. Right-click anywhere on the page and click Inspect.

    • Safari:

      1. In the menu bar, click Safari > Preferences.

      2. Click the Advanced tab.

      3. Check the box that says Show Develop menu in menu bar.

      4. Close Preferences.

      5. Click Develop in your menu bar.

      6. Click Show Web Inspector.

    • Firefox:

      1. Without an element selected:

        1. In the menu bar, click Tools > Web Developer > Inspector.

      2. With an element selected:

        1. Right click on the web page.

        2. Click Inspect Element.

  2. Load your site page.

  3. Check that your cookie consent banner appears.

    Note: If you’ve already granted consent, clear your cache or put your browser in Privacy Mode.

  4. Check if your NextRoll Pixel fires. It shouldn't fire, because you haven't given consent yet.

  5. Give consent via your cookie consent tool.

  6. Make sure your NextRoll Pixel then fires.

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