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Third-Party Cookie Consent Tool: Cookie Consent by Silktide

To show ads to site visitors in the EU, you have to install a cookie consent tool. We’ve made this easy for you with our AdRoll Group Cookie Consent Tool, but you can also use outside consent tools. If you choose to submit an external consent tool, you’ll need to wait a few days for AdRoll Group to approve.

While we don’t currently endorse any specific tool, we want to provide guidance on how best to set up these tools to work with our services.

Legal Disclaimer: We can’t tell you exactly what to write or how to present it to your users - it will depend on the vendors and services you work with and the choices you wish to present to users navigating your site. What follows are recommendations that we consider to be appropriate to work with AdRoll Group. As there aren’t clear regulations around cookie consent tools, these guidelines may change over time to reflect updated best practices. This is not legal advice and you should check with your own internal teams and your lawyers to on your overall cookie consent solution.

Install the Silktide consent tool

  1. Visit the cookie consent site for the code and to customize your banner. Here are our recommended AdRoll Group compliant settings:

    • Position: Banner bottom
    • Layout: Block
    • Palette: (Optional) Color scheme
    • Learn more link: Link to your own policy or type in your policy URL
    • Compliance type: (Advanced) Let users opt out of cookies (Advanced)
    • Custom text:

      Recommended message: We and our trusted partners on this site to improve your website experience and provide you with personalised advertising from this site and other trusted advertisers. By clicking "Allow" you accept the placement and use of these cookies for those purposes.

      Dismiss button text: Allow

      Policy link text: Learn more

      Deny button text: Decline

  2. Click Copy code.

  3. Add the code to the header of your website, just before the </head> tag.

  4. Create a trigger / logic on your website that does not fire the AdRoll Group Pixel until a user clicks Allow on the banner.

    There is no specific way of doing this. The important thing is that the AdRoll Group Pixel should only fire AFTER a user has clicked AcceptLearn more about disabling cookies using a callback hook. 

    Alternative approach: This doesn't disable/enable cookies on the website, and is an example of one way an enabling/disabling the pixel fire based on the user decision. This is AdRoll-specific and should be placed just before the closing tag of your universal footer:

Testing on Chrome

  1. Clear your browser cookies/cache or view in an incognito window.

  2. Open your site and do not click anywhere or navigate.

  3. Go to Inspect > Application > Storage > Cookies.

  4. You should NOT see __adroll as a cookie name.

  5. First, click “Decline” and refresh the page. The banner will no longer be displayed. You should see a cookie named cookieconsent_status and a value of deny.

  6. Now, clear your cookies for this page by right-clicking on the website link and select clear.

  7. This should clear out your cookies. Refresh the page and you should see the banner again.

  8. This time select Allow. Refresh the page.

  9. The banner will no longer be displayed. You will see cookieconsent_status of dismiss, and you will also see the AdRoll cookie __adroll as well as some other cookies we place.

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