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Third-Party Cookie Consent Tool: CookieBot

To show ads to site visitors in the EU, you have to install a cookie consent tool. We’ve made this easy for you with our AdRoll Group Cookie Consent Tool, but you can also use outside consent tools. If you choose to submit an external consent tool, you’ll need to wait a few days for AdRoll Group to approve.

While we don’t currently endorse any specific tool, we want to provide guidance on how best to set up these tools to work with our services.

Legal Disclaimer: We can’t tell you exactly what to write or how to present it to your users - it will depend on the vendors and services you work with and the choices you wish to present to users navigating your site. What follows are recommendations that we consider to be appropriate to work with AdRoll Group. As there aren’t clear regulations around cookie consent tools, these guidelines may change over time to reflect updated best practices. This is not legal advice and you should check with your own internal teams and your lawyers to on your overall cookie consent solution.

Install the CookieBot consent tool

  1. Place your AdRoll Group Pixel on your site pages.

  2. Go to

  3. Click Try It For Free and sign up.

  4. Configure your setup:

    1. In Domains, enter your website domain.
    2. Go to Dialogs > Method > Active Consent. Make sure the Marketing box is checked.
    3. Go to Content and make sure the wording is appropriate and fulfils all GDPR requirements.
    4. In Your Scripts, you’ll find the script tags needed to activate this and to enable cookie changes if you need.
    5. Click Save in the top left.
  5. Modify your current AdRoll Group Pixel:

    1. Add data-cookieconsent="marketing" to the opening script tag.

    2. Wrap it in function CookiebotCallback_OnAccept()

    3. Remove or comment out the var _onload line.

    4. Remove or comment out the if (document.readyState…

    5. Remove or comment out {__adroll_loaded=true;setTimeout(_onload, 50);return}

    6. Add a { after if (!window.__adroll_loaded)

    7. Remove or comment out the if else statements at the end.

    8. It should resemble the following:

  6. Publish all changes.


Test your tool

  1. Make sure all cookies are cleared (Inspect > Application > Cookies > Clear)

  2. Open up the network tab.

  3. Refresh your page.

  4. Search for roundtrip, and you shouldn’t find it.

  5. Either navigate away to another page on your site, refresh the current page, or click Allow all cookies. You should then see roundtrip in the network calls.

  6. Repeat the above steps but click Use necessary cookies only. In this case, you shouldn’t see roundtrip in the network calls.

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