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Dynamic Native Web Ads

A native web ad matches the visual design and function of the webpage experience. They look and feel like natural content and function in a similar manner. A dynamic native web ad takes the ad experience one step further by featuring previously viewed products or recommendations directly from your product feed to the end-user. 

Dynamic native web ad sizes and specs


Image: 600x315px or larger pulled from product feed. We automatically crop and zoom the images to fit.

Title: The title will default to the title of your product within your product feed. We recommend longer titles, up to 90 characters.

Description: The description will default to the description of your product within your product feed. We recommend longer descriptions, up to 140 characters.

Brand Name: Display your brand name in 30 characters or less. This is your business name that will display in the ads.


Differences between dynamic web ads & dynamic native web ads

  • Dynamic native web ads don't require a call-to-action button.
  • Dynamic native web ads do not require a logo display within the ad - it requires a Brand Name to be displayed.
  • Creating a longer title and description benefits performance with dynamic native web ads. With more text, the ad looks more like natural content within the webpage it’s being displayed in.


Dynamic native web ads

Dynamic native web ads can be created within your AdRoll ad library the same way your native web ads are created. To get started you must have a hosted product feed or be integrated with AdRoll through one of our support e-commerce integrations.

 For more information, check out our report on How to Take Advantage of Native Advertising.

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