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Navigate Your Reporting

Overview of all campaigns

Your Campaigns tab includes a complete overview of your campaigns. View and sort all campaigns by type, channels, and statuses.

Customize metrics

To customize which metrics appear on your home page:

  1. Select the button to the right of the metrics on your graph.
  2. To Customize KPIs, drag-and-drop any combination of metrics in any order you want.
  3. Click Done.

Filter the campaigns in your overview

Filter by:

  • Channel: Any combination of web, social, and email.
  • Type: Prospecting or retargeting.
  • Status: By campaign status.
  • Search: By campaign name.

Any filter you select will impact both your overview and the individual campaign breakdowns. 

Group individual campaign breakdowns

These can be grouped by:

  • None: All campaigns will appear together in one table
  • Channel: Campaigns will be grouped by web, social, and email
  • Type: Campaigns will be grouped by prospecting and retargeting 

Edit and pause campaigns

These articles go in depth on editing campaigns and managing campaign statuses:

View metrics by conversion audience

In the campaign breakdowns in the Campaigns tab, you can select Customize Columns and choose the conversion audiences you want to see.

Your reports

AdRoll offers a variety of default reports in our Reports tool, ranging from ad placement to conversion performance. These powerful and flexible reports allow you to access the information you need instantly.

A couple default report types include:

  • Ad Placements: See where your ads are being shown.
  • Granular Conversions: A detailed list of all AdRoll conversions


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