Shopify Checkout Extensibility compatibility

AdRoll's Shopify integration fully supports Shopify Checkout Extensibility through a Web Pixel app extension. When you install the AdRoll app for Shopify, your store will automatically configure your store with enhanced conversion tracking.

What is Checkout Extensibility?

Checkout Extensibility is a set of Shopify platform features that make it easier for shop owners to customize their checkout experience without coding and improve conversion rate.

You can visit Shopify to learn more about Checkout Extensibility.

How does the AdRoll app work with Checkout Extensibility?

After installing the AdRoll Shopify app, we will automatically create and configure a Shopify Web Pixel app extension. AdRoll tracks your shop's conversions through this app extension.

What do I do if my store doesn't have Checkout Extensibility?

No need to worry! If your store isn't yet on Checkout Extensibility, we use a different method to track your conversions. Either way, AdRoll has you covered.

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