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How We Bill (Automated Post Pay)

Each week, we bill you automatically through a consolidated invoice of all weekly spend activity. We automatically charge your selected payment method. To give our display partners enough time to report back for ad deliveries, we bill two full calendar days after the billing week has ended.


What if I see an unexpected charge to my credit card?

When you launch a campaign or edit a campaign budget, AdRoll will do an “authorization” of the credit card on your account to make sure it is valid and can support making a payment for the campaign budget(s).

These authorizations are voided immediately and are not charges – however, how these appear on your bank or credit card statement will depend on your financial institution. The authorizations may not show up on your statement at all, or they may appear as a pending transaction for 3-7 days until the pending charge is waived and they disappear.

If you are seeing an unexpected AdRoll transaction on your bank or credit card statement, please first verify that it is an actual charge and not just your financial institution's way of displaying a card authorization.

If you are still unsure, you can contact us, and we can check to see whether the record you are seeing matches up with the time when we made an authorization to your card.


When You're Charged

Any subsequent campaign launches will also result in authorizations, but no charges. If our authorization attempt fails, your campaign won't launch. Please try another payment method or contact your bank to resolve this issue.

Your daily budget represents the maximum you'll spend. If your budget is too large for your audience size or KPI target, we may not spend your full budget to prevent damaging your performance. If this happens, AdRoll will spend less than your set budget, and you'll only be charged as much as you spend. 

What happens if my payment fails?

If your primary payment method fails, we'll attempt to collect through any other active payment method on file in your account. If we can't process payment through any of your payment methods, you'll be notified and your account will be suspended.

In the event that your account is suspended, we're here to work with you. After suspension, we'll continue to try your payment methods on file every few days. You can also upload a new payment method. If we're able to collect a past-due invoice on your suspended account, the suspension will lift and campaigns will resume.

No Spend Minimum

If your campaigns don’t accrue any spend in a given week, you won’t be billed or charged for that week. There are no spend minimums.

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