Set Up AdRoll Email

Emails help you get in front of site visitors where they spend a great deal of time: their inboxes.

How it Works

Using your AdRoll Pixel, we match a visitor to an email that they enter on your site. You can then send emails through a Retargeting campaign to target these visitors.

Create Your Campaign

1. Go to Email Campaigns tab in the left navigation menu.


2. Click New Campaign

3. Choose your campaign goal (Starter Campaign recommended).

4. Enter your sender info: the email, name, and address of your business.

5. Customize your content. Using Facebook? We’ll automatically create an email for you. Or use  our pre-built template and add a logo, hero image, edit text and the call to action, and even add product recommendations (available WooCommerce, Shopify stores or customers with a configured product feed).

Subject We recommend 90 characters, including spaces.
Preview text  Limit of 140 characters, including spaces.
Logo  No size requirements. Choice of left, center, or right positioning. 
Image 600x315 size requirement. 
Headline We recommend 40 characters, including spaces. Choice in font style, color, and size.
Body text We recommend 90 characters, including spaces. Choice in font style, color, and size.
CTA button  We recommend 30 characters, including spaces. Choice in font style, color, size, and background color.

Define your audience

By default, campaigns are set to automatic targeting. Manual targeting lets you explicitly select audiences to target. For example, if you want to only target users that have been to the shoes section of your site to send them a different message.


Domain exclusions

Exclude anyone within a domain from receiving an email. For example, exclude your company domain to avoid sending emails to your coworkers.

CRM file exclusions (admin-only)

This feature requires a CRM file to be uploaded by an Admin. 


We price on a performance-based pricing model for email: cost per click (CPC). We charge $1 USD per click.

A counted click is a click on any link in the email, except for the unsubscribe link. It's common to click email links multiple times in a short time frame, so we only count unique clicks that occur more than 30 minutes apart.

Your budget

By default, your emails are set to maximize clicks, so there is no need for pre-set budget.

If you want to set a maximum number of clicks or budget, you can edit the field, input your desired budget, then click Save.

Email service providers

Our integration with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and Klaviyo will:

  • Let you bring any template from these systems into AdRoll.
  • Automatically sync unsubscribed emails from our system to your ESP and from your ESP to our system.
  • Activate emails you collected before. Note: This step requires some setup in your system.

Integrating MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor or Klaviyo

  1. Log in to AdRoll and navigate to Manage Unsubscriptions under the Settings icon.
  2. Find your ESP and follow the steps to finish your set up.

Our integration with Mandrill and Mailgun allows you to use our template and technology but send emails through your own Mandrill or Mailgun account.

Integrating Mandrill or Mailgun

  1. Log in and navigate to Email Providers under the Settings icon.
  2. Find your ESP.
  3. Enter your API key (and domain if applicable).

E-commerce providers

If you’re using WooCommerce or Shopify, we make it easy to connect your store to AdRoll and get set up with Product Recommendations.

  • WooCommerce

    If you’re new to AdRoll, we have a plugin to help you get started with Dynamic Content on web and email.
  • Shopify

    AdRoll has integrated with Shopify to help drive more conversions for your online store. Your Shopify setup can be used across AdRoll.

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