Create an Email Campaign

AdRoll Email gives you the ability to automate the most effective marketing strategies and personalize the customer communication.

Create Your Campaign

1. Go to Campaigns in the left navigation menu and click Automated Emails.

2. Click Create Campaign

3. Choose your campaign goal (Starter Campaign recommended).

4. Enter your sender info: the email, name, and address of your business.

5. Customize your content. Using Facebook? We’ll automatically create an email for you. Or use  our pre-built template and add a logo, hero image, edit text and the call to action, and even add product recommendations (available WooCommerce, Shopify stores or customers with a configured product feed).

Subject We recommend 90 characters, including spaces.
Preview text  Limit of 140 characters, including spaces.
Logo  No size requirements. Choice of left, center, or right positioning. 
Image 600x315 size requirement. 
Headline We recommend 40 characters, including spaces. Choice in font style, color, and size.
Body text We recommend 90 characters, including spaces. Choice in font style, color, and size.
CTA button  We recommend 30 characters, including spaces. Choice in font style, color, size, and background color.

Define your audience

By default, campaigns are set to automatic targeting. Manual targeting lets you explicitly select audiences to target. For example, if you want to only target users that have been to the shoes section of your site to send them a different message.


Domain exclusions

Exclude anyone within a domain from receiving an email. For example, exclude your company domain to avoid sending emails to your coworkers.

CRM file exclusions (admin-only)

This feature requires a CRM file to be uploaded by an Admin. 

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