Pixel Capture: Setup Approval for Email Marketing

If you use the Pixel for capturing email addresses for email marketing, the article below sets out the steps to enable this. 

Note: These “Approval for Email Marketing” steps within the article below are only necessary for Pixel captured email addresses. Any non-Pixel email address capture or syncing methods, such as syncing from another CRM, or from AdRoll's separate Email Capture Pop-up, do not need to go through the approval steps laid out in this article.

As a reminder, with the Pixel installed on your website, as your prospects, customers and website visitors submit email addresses on forms across your website, the Pixel captures these submitted addresses.

There’s a distinct and valuable reason to use the Pixel for email capture, especially in combination with other methods you may have running -- such as popups and forms from other providers, because the Pixel improves upon coverage for submitted email addresses that these other methods can miss. This becomes especially valuable as forms and pages across your website may change, while the Pixel dynamically adapts and captures addresses from new forms and pages without any additional effort on your part.

By default, AdRoll waits until it has direct approval from you before tagging a Pixel captured email address as “approved” for email marketing. Here are the steps involved to enable this:



Detailed Steps

  1. Install the Pixel Follow these steps if you haven’t already installed the Pixel: Place the Pixel on your Website.
  2. Accept the NextRoll Terms of Service You’ll review and accept the NextRoll Terms of Service the first time you login to AdRoll.
  3. Accept the AdRoll Email Service AddendumWhile you won’t see this during the initial onboarding steps -- where steps such as Pixel setup and Terms of Service are located -- you will be prompted to review and accept the Email Service Addendum the first time you navigate to any email section. Right after accepting the Email Service Addendum, you’ll also have the chance to immediately setup “Approval for Email Marketing” within this same prompt, also described in next section.
  4. Setup Approval for Email Marketing Either within the Email Service Addendum onboarding process, or by navigating to this dedicated settings page, you will be prompted to make a choice whether to approve email marketing for addresses captured by the Pixel, either for All Forms (recommended), or by approving email subscription forms one-by-one given their unique URL and Form ID.
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