Collect Emails

Collect emails on your site (required)

If you’re already using AdRoll and have placed your AdRoll Pixel on your site, we'll automatically update your AdRoll Pixel to recognize when a visitor submits their email address on any page of your site. We then associate this email with the subscriber's actions on your site.

In order to reach your contacts, you'll need to tell us which forms on your site are okay for us to collect emails to provide our Services. If you select "Ignore" for a form, we will not collect emails submitted via that form.

To review the forms collecting emails on your site:

  1. Go to Automated Email and click Email Campaign Settings.

  2. Click on Email Collection Form Approval.

  3. Toggle which pages you want email collection turned on, then click Approve Forms to save.


Collect emails in an iframe

An iframe loads HTML content from a different domain onto your website.

How to know if your site uses an iframe

In general, if you use any external tools to serve an element of your page there's a chance it's serving through an iframe.

How to check:

  1. Inspect element.
  2. Look into the code. If the parent element contains this HTML, it's an iframe: <iframe src=...>...</iframe>

If it's an iframe

In order to read and collect visitor emails, your AdRoll Pixel needs to be firing on the page where the email is being submitted. Whether you have direct access to the contents or you use an external tool, you will want to add your AdRoll Pixel so it fires within the iframe.

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