Follow-Up Emails

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Follow-up emails are a series of emails that are sent automatically to nudge a potential customer to come back to your site. If your subscribers don’t click on your first email, they can now be sent additional messages after a period of time.

Add follow-up emails

  1. Navigate to CampaignsEmail

  2. Find the campaign you want to add emails to and click Edit.
  3. Click the + button to add an additional email.

  4. Update your emails by hovering over each section where the pencil icon shows up.

Adjust the time between emails

  1. Hover over the time (wait XX hours) and click the pencil icon.
  2. Adjust the hours and minutes interval between each email send.

Preview your emails

  1. Go to the Preview button on the top right

  2. Click the tabs of the various emails to see it in action

Frequency recommendation

We recommend exponentially increasing the relative delay from the previous email. For instance: 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, etc. The default settings are there to set you up for success, but feel free to edit them to make sure they meet your visitors' behavior.

Running multiple campaigns

We prioritize campaigns based on visitor intent (e.g. cart recovery has a higher priority than starter). If a visitor is in the middle of a sequence (e.g. a starter sequence) and they enter one of your higher priority campaigns targeting criteria (e.g. they add something to the cart) we'll stop the sequence for them and send them the higher intent email.

Best practices

  • Three follow-up emails is the magic number.

    Based on our data, sending three emails is the perfect balance to effectively reach your visitors. You can send more than three, but make sure you space out the emails to really make your message stand out. Also, send your first email a few hours after your visitor leaves to capitalize on the highest interest. Subsequent messages should be spaced out at least a day or two.

  • Your 1st email: keep it short.

    Use an optimized template if you want some direction, and keep the copy simple. For example, start off with a “Glad you visited us” and invite them back to your site with a compelling CTA such as “Shop Now” or “Apply Today."

  • Your 2nd email: add product recommendations.

    Adding product recommendations to the body of your email is a powerful way to engage the recipient. Visitors who see items directly relevant to them, based on what they viewed on your site, are encouraged to click through. Also, try including “Top Products” or “Popular Products” to showcase best sellers or top items.

  • Your 3rd email: offer a discount or coupon.

    Since your recipients haven’t acted on your previous two messages, you want to give a compelling reason to return your site. A discount or coupon code drives urgency, especially if the code expires, to encourage visitors to act soon.

  • Try out a new subject line.

    Short and creative subject lines are strongest. In your follow-up emails, experiment with a question (“Still looking for __?”) or an emoji that fits your email ("🔥  A summer sale too hot to skip"). Based on open rates and clicks, you can see which subject lines perform best.

Follow-up emails are a great way to reach your customers more often in an intelligent, targeted way. Try out these best practices to get the most out of your emails.

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