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Native Web Ads

A native ad fits the natural form and function of the environment where it appears. For example, on a site such as The Atlantic, a Native ad resembles a featured story within the news stream.

Native ads must be an image without text, along with a catchy headline. Native ad sizes are 600x500, 600x600, and 600x315. To ensure access to all native ad inventory, make sure you have ads in all three sizes.


Image: Use striking images 600x315px or larger. Our ad builder makes it easy to crop and zoom. Avoid text, logos, and clutter.

Title: Draw interest with your headline. We recommend longer headlines, up to 90 characters.

Description: Explain your brand, product, or content. We recommend longer descriptions, up to 140 characters.

Brand Name: Display your brand name in 30 characters or less. 

To create your Native Ads, navigate to your Ads tab and click Create Native Ads.

Native ad performance benefits

Native ads are 23% more viewable than traditional display ads. On average, we've seen a 39% lower CPC and a 33% lower CPA for Native Ads compared to general Web ads.*

* Based on AdRoll advertisers running Native Web Ads from 02/01/2017-3/19/2017


Best practices

  • Eye-catching image: Your Native Ad image can't contain text, so use a image that encourages people to look at your ads, such as images of people or brighter colors.
  • Enticing headline: Use your headline to promote your site. Make it interesting for your visitors: something they'll want to click on to learn more about.
  • Add Native Web Ads to your existing Web campaigns to access Native Ad inventory across the web.
  • If you have multiple Native Web Ads, create a new AdGroup for these ads so you can easily see your performance across all Native Ads.
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