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Add Product Recommendations & Unsubscribe Link to an HTML Template

Product recommendations

To add product recommendations to your own HTML template:

  1. Click Copy Macro and paste it anywhere in the HTML where you want the products to render.

  2. Save.

  3. Select Preview in Browser to view.

The macro will be replaced for an HTML table with three products. The table width is set to a default value of "width=600px".

If you need to adjust the size of that table, open a ticket at the top of the page, next to the search bar, to get in touch with our Customer Support team


Unsubscribe link

When using your own HTML templates make sure to link any unsubscribe text to the unsubscribe page. To make this easy we created a macro to help.

To use this macro link your unsubscribe text to |UNSUBSCRIBE_URL|. 

For instance, our unsubscribe text could look something like:
<a style="color:#0000ff;" href="|UNSUBSCRIBE_URL|">Unsubscribe</a> from this list.<br /><br />

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