High Intent Audience

We create this audience by looking at patterns among all AdRoll conversions. We then use machine learning to find all of your visitors who display similar behavior. The top 20% of these visitors are added to your High Intent audience.

With a High Intent audience, you can:

  • Target your High Intent audience within existing web campaign by placing it in its own AdGroup so you can compare performance accurately between audiences.
  • Exclude any manually-created high intent audiences from this AdGroup to minimize overlap between targeting.

Add a High Intent Audience to a Campaign

  1. Go to Ad Campaign tab in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click Create Campaign.
  3. Select General Websites as your channel. Note: Facebook and Instagram currently don't support High Intent audiences.
  4. Under your Audience section, click Choose.
  5. Select the High Intent audience.

Audience Details

Navigate to the Audience tab and click on the High Intent audience to see details. Our system refreshes this information every 24 hours.

Currently, the High Intent audience is available for use within AdRoll, but isn’t available to export to other platforms.

Exclude an Audience

Excluding an audience from a campaign means that we won't show ads to people in that audience. To exclude an existing audience:

  1. Go to your Audience tab in the left navigation menu
  2. Click on the audience that you want to exclude.
  3. Under Campaigns with Audience, switch the Target toggle from Target to Exclude.
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