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Audience Insights

Visitors and Visits

All Visitors vs. New Visitors

Track visitor data from the last 30 days. You can see a high-level comparison of All Visitors versus New Visitors to your audience.

  • New Visitors: Total number of new visitors to your site.

  • All Visitors: Total number of returning visitors + Total number of new visitors.

  • Total Visitors: Total amount of New Visitors in the last 30 days.

If the numbers are not aligned with your expectations, inspect your audience setup to to ensure you are targeting the appropriate audiences.

Total Visits

Total Visits is the total number of unique visits to the site.



Operating Systems, Web Browsers, Mobile vs. Desktop, Device

Take a look at which technologies your visitors use.

For example, it may be helpful for you to understand what percentage of visitors are consuming content via a mobile versus desktop device. These insights could lead to a change in strategy to opt-in your AdRoll account for cross-device targeting (Learn more), extend the reach of your current campaigns to multiple devices.


Referrer allows you to track traffic that arrives to your website through another source. AdRoll recognizes where the the traffic was immediately before the visitor arrives on your site. We display the domain names of these sites.

Demographics (Country, Language)

Demographic information gives you context behind the country and language versions of your traffic.

Learning what languages your visitors speak or the kind of traffic you are getting from geographic targets outside the areas you already target can provide strategic information valuable to improving your ads and conversion rates.

We also display a heatmap for visual analysis. Select between the World or Country view to understand the traffic patterns for geographic areas from your AdRoll audience.

Visitor Behavior

Pageviews per visitor

Measure the number of pageviews per visitor for the previous day.


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