Connect Your Instagram Account

Before you start, make sure you know:

  • Your business's Instagram handle and password.
  • A Business Manager account for your business (detailed below). 

Set Up a Facebook Business Manager Account

If you already have a Business Manager account set up, scroll down to Connect Your Instagram Account

  1. Go to and click Create Account.

  2. Add in your Business or Page Name and click Continue.2a_Create_account_Step_1.png

  3.  Complete the forms and click Finish. 

Connect Your Instagram Account

To run ads on Instagram, you'll have to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account by claiming your Instagram account.

  1. Log in to your Business Manager, and click Business Manager SettingsAccounts > Instagram Accounts.

  2. Add your Instagram username and password, then click Next.

  3. Select your ad account if you have one, and click Next. Otherwise, click Finish.

  4. A confirmation will pop up letting you know that your Instagram Account has successfully been added. Click OK. 

Assign AdRoll as a Partner

  1. For AdRoll to serve ads on your behalf, Facebook requires you to assign AdRoll as a Partner. To do this: 
    1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager.
    2. Click Business Settings.
    3. Below Users, click Partners.
    4. Click + Add.
    5. Select Give a partner access to your assets.
    6. Enter the Partner Business ID you want to add. In this case enter 10151335266804117 (AdRoll’s business ID) and click Next.
    7. On this screen, you can add partners to multiple assets. Choose a type of asset in the first column. Select the assets you want to add your partner to in the second column. Assign a role for your partner in the third column. Repeat these steps until you've chosen roles for all of the assets you want to assign.
    8. Click Save Changes.
    9. You should see AdRoll is now added as an Agency Partner.
  2. Next, write down or copy your Instagram account ID. To do this:
    1. Go to Facebook Business Manager.
    2. Click Business Settings.
    3. On the left side of the screen, click Instagram accounts.
    4. Your Instagram ID will be displayed below your username or underneath your handle at the top of the screen.
  3. Finally, back in AdRoll:
    1. Go to SettingsFacebook and follow the prompt to connect to Instagram.
    2. Select Connect Instagram Account.
    3. Enter your Instagram account ID and click Confirm.
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