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More on Bid Strategies

With Campaign Bid Strategies you can specify a goal for your campaign which AdRoll will use to automatically optimize your bids.

A goal could be to maximize Conversions, Clicks, or Impressions or you could set a specific cost-per-acquisition (CPA), cost-per-click (CPC), or cost-per-1,000-impressions (CPM) target.

Bid Strategies are located within the Campaign Settings section of the campaign launch and edit page.



If you have created a conversion segment within your account, Bid Strategy will default to maximize Conversions with an Automatic target when creating a new campaign.

If you have not yet created a conversion segment in your account then the Conversions option will be disabled and Clicks will be the default. You can always unlock the Conversions option by creating a conversion segment.

Conversions is disabled because the account lacks a Conversion segment.

Setting a Target CPA, CPC, or CPM

Specifying a CPA, CPC, or CPM Target is optional. If you leave the Target field blank, or in Automatic mode, AdRoll will automatically bid to achieve the most of whatever goal you chose, that is Conversions, Clicks, or Impressions, as inexpensively as possible.

If a Target is specified, then we will still optimize your bids to deliver the most results as efficiently as possible while treating the Target as an upper price per result not to exceed. However, it is possible that we may yield Conversions, Clicks, or Impressions that, despite our best optimization efforts, exceed the Target.

Note: Restrictive CPA, CPC, or CPM Targets can limit the delivery of your campaign. We recommend that you gradually reduce your target no more than 20% per edit.

For example, if your campaign is currently achieving a $10 CPA and your goal is a $5 CPA, we recommend setting a $8 CPA Target (80% of $10) and scaling down from there gradually rather than jumping directly to a $5 CPA target.

Target CPA

In order for Target CPA bidding to be in effect your campaign must have achieved at least 7 conversions over the last 14 days. You may still enter a CPA target if your campaign is new or has not achieved that threshold of conversions but in those cases your campaign will bid according to the Automatic mode.


This message will display when your campaign has less than 7 conversions over the last 14 days.

Once your campaign achieves the required historical data our Bid Optimizer will automatically switch to using your stated Target CPA.


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