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Dynamic Ads for Facebook

Create beautiful dynamic ads on Facebook that automatically feature previously-viewed and recommended products personalized based on each user’s browsing activity.

Create dynamic ads for Facebook

Please check with your account manager for eligibility, or if you are a Shopify customer, please checkout this article.


Steps to your Facebook dynamic product ad campaign

1. Create a Facebook dynamic ad template

2. Launch a campaign with your Facebook dynamic ad template


Create a dynamic template

1. Click "Create Ads" in top right and select "Facebook Dynamic Ad" to pull up the builder.

2. Choose between Multi-Product or Single product. The preview will show you a preview of your ad populated with products and product details.


3. Name your ads and input ad copy (or use the existing default copy).

Adding dynamic text to your ad copy

  • Use keywords to pull in product names, price, brand, and description dynamically for each product. Ex: @price will pull the latest price of each product. Note: If product attributes are not available for your products, they will not render in the preview.
  • Use promo/branding-type messaging for the ‘text’ field. For newsfeed ads, @title keyword is great for the ‘title’ field, while @price fits well in the ‘description’ field.

For multi-product news feed ads, keywords should only be used in the title and description fields, and should be not be used in any copy fields for multi-product right hand column ads. On multi-product right hand column, your advertisable profile name is populated as ‘title’.

4. Select your call to action, for example "Shop Now."

5. Click "Create Ad" when you're done.


Launching a Facebook Dynamic Ads Campaign in the AdRoll dashboard 

1. Log in to AdRoll and click “Create a New Campaign” in the right sidebar.

2. Click "Get Started" on a Facebook campaign. 

3. For your campaign objective, select "Dynamic Product Recommendations."


4. Enter your campaign start and end date. If the default is left, your campaign will start as soon as possible and continue without an end date. Click "next" to continue.

5. The next step is to target your campaign audience. Click "Add Segments." If you have not created custom audience segments, click "Choose Existing" then "All Visitors." Make sure the toggle is set to "Target." Click "next" to continue.

6. For ‘Add Ads & Select Placement’, you can either create new dynamic ads directly or select ads from the library:

If you’ve already created dynamic product ads, then you can select them from the library.

Notice that all static ads are filtered out and you can only select dynamic product ads:


7. Proceed to launch campaign!


Tips and to do's

  • Facebook dynamic product ads can only be added to Facebook dynamic ads campaigns
  • Create separate ads for Facebook News Feed (desktop + mobile) and Facebook Right Hand Column.

If you already have an existing Facebook dynamic ads campaign, you can add your Facebook dynamic ads to them. You will only be able to select dynamic product ads if the campaign is a dynamic ads campaign. If the Facebook campaign is for static ads, you will only be able to select other static ads.



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