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Recommended Ad Sizes for Web

If you're retargeting on the web, we recommend that you activate at least these six ad sizes on your campaign. Read on to learn why, or click here to get the information you need to start creating your ads right away.

Must haves for reach

1. Medium rectangle: 300×250
2. Leaderboard: 728×90
3. Wide skyscraper: 160×600
4. Mobile leaderboard: 320×50

Performance Boosters

5. Billboard: 970x250
6. Large rectangle: 300x600 

Why these? Each of these ads brings something important to the table: reach or performance. 

Driving optimal campaign performance is a careful balancing act between these two factors. Reach without performance is inefficient. Performance without reach limits your opportunity to reconnect with potential customers. These ads complement each other to help bring you the perfect mix of the two.


Three kings of display

The medium rectangle, leaderboard, and wide skyscraper ad sizes are the most widely supported ad sizes and allow you to find your potential customers in more places. In combination make up over 80% of available inventory. With so much inventory, impressions for these ad types tend to be low cost (CPM). Not including these ads in your mix would cripple your campaign’s ability to reach your potential customers.


Where will my ads appear?

Medium rectangle ads typically appear in-line or to the right of content.


Leaderboard ads typically appear at the top of the page.


Wide skyscraper ads typically appear along the left or right margins of the page.




In a world that is increasingly more mobile, having a mobile leaderboard is checking a box. A very important box. Without this ad size, you are limiting your campaign to serving on desktop.

 Mobile leaderboard ads click well, though they tend to convert less well. The reason for this is simple--mobile users are typically on the go and checking out on your phone isn’t as smooth (yet!) as on desktop. And while conversions don't always take place on mobile devices, mobile ads still play an important role in a well rounded campaign. They help you reach users, drive home messaging, and keep brand top of mind.

 If you’re running a campaign specifically to drive your highest-intent users to convert, it might make sense to focus on desktop ad sizes. But if driving awareness of your business is important to you, including this ad size will help you catch your users, no matter what device they’re tuning in from.


Where will my ads appear?

Mobile leaderboard ads appear in both mobile web browsers as well as in-app.



Larger ad formats

Large rectangle and billboard ads are difficult to miss on the page and can help you make a big impact on your potential customers. Campaigns that include these two ad sizes perform extremely well in click and conversion performance metrics (CPC and CPA).

The downside of these larger ad formats is their cost (higher CPM). They take up a pretty sizeable chunk of real estate on the page so fewer publishers support them. And when supply is limited, we have to bid a lot higher to win these impressions. Even so, the benefit you typically  get in visibility, CPC and CPA can make it is worth the premium.

Make the most of these ads by taking advantage of the space they give you to showcase your brand and offering. Big, bold, and beautiful imagery serves you well in this format.


Where will my ads appear?

Large rectangles appear to the right or left of page content.

Billboard ads typically appear at the very top of the page, prime real estate.

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