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Adjusting Audience Duration Strategically

Adjusting Duration

  1. Navigate to your Audience tab.
  2. Find the audience that you want to edit and click the circle icon with the ellipses.
  3. Click New Duration.
  4. Adjust the duration.
  5. Save.


New Durations and Campaign Strategy

Creating a New Duration is a useful tool if you:

  • Know that your visitor is more likely to convert within a set timeframe.
  • Want to delay offering additional incentive to convert.
  • Have a campaign strategy that requires you to control the timing of when your target audience sees your ad.


Example: Kevin owns a computer distributor. He knows that it is likely that his customers will buy accessories for the computer 30-90 days after purchasing it. However, those that exceed the 90 day duration are probably not going to make another purchase. Kevin should set up an AdRoll Convert campaign to target those that purchased a new computer in the last 30-90 days.


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