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Adobe Audience Manager

AdRoll offers a server-to-server integration with Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe’s data management platform (DMP). You can sync your Adobe segments with AdRoll and target these customers with ads across the AdRoll display, social, and mobile channels.

You need:

  • An Adobe Audience Manager account
  • An AdRoll account
  • An active AdRoll Pixel on your website

Integration Steps

  1. Call or email the Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) support team at:

    Note: You must be an authorized AAM account user to add AdRoll as a destination.

  2. Request (by phone or email) to add AdRoll as a destination for your AAM account and provide the rep with your AdRoll Advertiser ID (see below)

  3. Once, the integration is enabled, you can select which of your AAM segments you send to AdRoll.


How do I locate my unique Advertiser ID?

You can find your unique Advertiser ID by pulling up your AdRoll Pixel. Your Advertiser ID can be found after adroll_adv_id = in quotes. See X in the image below.

Make sure that you copy your Advertiser ID and not your Pixel ID.

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