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How We Prevent Email Spam

We don't like spam and neither do your subscribers. That's why we work hard to make sure the emails we send matter to your visitors. 

How we prevent spam

  • If a contact converts, we'll cancel any pending emails.

  • If a contact receives an email from a specific campaign, we won't send them emails from the same campaign for at least a week.

    This keeps contacts that are not engaging from receiving too many of the same type of email. You can adjust this, but we recommend not increasing the frequency to keep people happy.

  • Contacts can only receive one email (across all your campaigns) in a 24 hour period.

  • If a user falls into multiple campaign targeting criteria, only the highest intent will be sent.

    Say you run two campaigns simultaneously—one targeting visitors to your homepage and another targeting cart abandoners. A contact who falls into both segments will only receive an email for their higher intent segment, in this case cart abandonment.

    That extra security combined with our smart triggers based on recent website activity is how we keep unsubscription rates low and opens/clicks high.

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