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Email Pricing

Email prices on a performance-based pricing model: cost per click (CPC). We charge $1 USD per click.

A click counts when a visitor clicks any link in the email (except the unsubscribe link). It's common to click email links multiple times in a short time frame, so we only count unique clicks that occur more than 30 minutes apart.


For example:

  • Visitor A opens one email and doesn't click: 0 clicks.

  • Visitor B opens one email and clicks once: 1 click.

  • Visitor C opens one email and clicks twice in 15 minutes: 1 click.



This customer would be charged $2 for two unique clicks within two 30-minute windows.


Your budget

By default, your Email campaigns are set to maximize clicks, so there is no need for pre-set budget.

If you want to set a maximum number of clicks or budget, you can edit the field, input your desired budget, then click Save.



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