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Dynamic Web Ad Tips

We’ve seen dynamic ads drive a 44% lift in ROI and a 115% increase in CTR. While our highly talented team of designers can shape almost any asset into stunning, high-performing web display ads, here are 7 things that every advertiser should to get the most out of their campaign:

Shoot eye catching, high-quality product photos

Products are at the heart of your dynamic ads campaign. That’s why it’s important to make sure they are well photographed and represented visually to attract viewers. While the ad surrounding a product image can grab attention, it cannot sell products. Strong product visuals are central to the sale.


Maintain consistent size and/or aspect ratio

Consistency in product image size and aspect ratio is incredibly appealing: think Pinterest or Instagram. While the latest trend may be rows and columns of squares, consistency of any dimension is most important. With consistent product image sizes, ads of all sizes across all platforms will be better served.


Use transparent backgrounds

Product images with transparent backgrounds get us really excited, but it is not a requirement. With transparent backgrounds, the product can lift right off the ad and into your audience’s focus. Ads gain more dimension with background texture or imagery.


Compose catchy copy and a call to action

Ad copy should always be direct and eye-catching. Communicate customer benefits, appeal to their needs, and provide a clear call to action. As the expert on your brand voice, it is important that you craft your copy carefully for dynamic web display ads.


Keep product titles and descriptions brief

Brief product titles and descriptions are more likely to grab the often fast-moving eyes of former shoppers, especially when products are only displayed for an average of five seconds. And just like consistency with images is important, so is consistency in the lengths of product titles and descriptions, as we must design for both the shortest and longest.


Test to see what works best

Price or no price? Navigation arrows or no navigation arrows? The answer varies. We would rather skip the guesswork and set up an A/B test to determine the right answer. And if you have radically different designs, we can help you multivariate test those, too.


Stay fresh

Ad fatigue is a real symptom for online shoppers. That’s why it is important to refresh the look and feel of your ads every so often. We recommend a creative refresh once per quarter, and we are happy to make that happen.

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