Set Up Your Product Feed

Make sure your product feed is connected to AdRoll before you continue with the following steps.

Prepare Your Product Feed

If you already have a product feed we can most likely use it. Here are some 3rd party providers that produce feeds:

  • GoDataFeed
  • Mercent
  • Channel Advisor
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Bing Shopping
  • Google Merchant Center

Feed structure guidelines

Your feed should be product-level and contains one entry per product rather than one entry for every product variation (size, color, etc.)

Content appears in the ad exactly as it appears in the feed. Please, always make sure that information is up to date (ie: products out of stock, price, sale price if available, product information as displayed on the product page, etc) so that they reflect in your creative. 

  • Product IDs
  • Titles
  • Image URLs
  • Landing page URLs
  • Prices (often included)


  • Sale Price (recommended)
  • Descriptions
  • Product Categories
  • Taglines
  • Additional Fields (contact your Account Manager or our Customer Support team)
Accepted file types:
  1. TXT* (tab or pipe delimited)
  2. CSV
  3. XML

*Tab delimited files are the preferred format


TXT example – tab delimited



CSV example - comma separated value 


XML example


Maintain Your Product Feed

If you update your product inventory, you'll need to update your feed files as well. Dynamic ads can only show content from the feed provided. 

Host Your Own Feed

If you’d prefer to host your own feed, please make sure it is accessible to our web servers. 

  • HTTP address (

Please provide any credentials needed to access your product feed including username, password and port, as needed. You may need to whitelist our IP address so we can access the feed.

  • For HTTP: We’ll periodically crawl the URLs you provide. You can also provide HTTP Basic Authentication credentials if you don’t want the URLs publicly accessible.

Important Product Feed Notes

  • Unique product IDs: In order for us to match the products a customer has viewed to product information in the feed, all feeds must have a unique identifier for each product in the feed. This unique identifier must exist on each product page explicitly set with the AdRoll Pixel.
  • Changing the feed structure or file type: Changing the feed structure, rearranging fields or changing the format of individual fields after we’ve configured for dynamic ads can result in poor ad performance or even complete failure to serve. If the feed structure changes, please let us know immediately to avoid any fluctuations in performance.
  • One feed: The entire product feed must be contained within a single file.
  • Field formatting: Dynamic fields in creative will be displayed exactly as they are set in the feed, please format the fields accordingly.

Configure Feed to your Profile

Please reach out to our Customer Support team to share the link to your product feed and they we will gladly configure your feed on your account. 

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