Brand Awareness Reports

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  1. Navigate to your Reports tab.
  2. Click Brand Awareness Insights.
  3. Select which insights you want to include: Visitor Insights, Conversion Insights, and Full-Funnel Conversion Insights.
  4. Download.

Visitor Insights

New visitor bounce rate

This measures how many new visitors leave your site without looking at any pages other than the landing page.

% of new visitors from Brand Awareness  

This percentage will vary day-to-day, but if it's at 0%, you'll need to evaluate:

  • Ads: Are your ads getting enough impressions? The more ad sizes you use, the greater reach.
  • Optimization: Adjust your campaign settings to reach more people. This could include things such as increasing your budget or expanding your target audience.


Engagement See how visitors interact with your ads and website.
Visitors from mobile or desktop While mobile traffic often converts at a lower rate than desktop, that doesn’t mean that mobile traffic is less valuable. Every touch that a visitor has with your business is a step closer to a conversion.

Viewed or clicked

This helps you understand the value of views. If someone viewed your ad without clicking, you can see if there was still a following conversion.
Pages viewed

This gives you more granular insight into your bounce rate.

If average page views are low, make sure all site pages are conveying value. Try testing new landing pages to boost engagement.

Time spent during initial visit

See how long visitors typically explore your site for. Typically, longer time spent means your visitors are more engaged. 

Visitors by state/country 

See where your site traffic comes from.

  • If you choose US-only (recommended if over 50% of your audience is from the US), we’ll break this down by state.
  • If your campaign is global, we’ll break this down by country.
General interest by website type See which types of websites your visitors have shown an interest in.


This shows the distribution of visitor income level.


This shows the distribution of visitor education level.

Conversion Insights

Your Conversion Insights are broken into three parts: Conversion Funnel, Campaign Trends, and Advanced Conversion Metrics. This report only shows conversions that result from your Brand Awareness campaigns, not Retargeting.

Reports that use conversions to measure your campaign performance use attributed conversions, meaning that the final number has been adjusted by your attribution window. This is set at 30 days for both view-through and click-through conversions. 

Conversion Funnel

Your Conversion Funnel report breaks down your traffic from the past 30 days.

Reach How many unique impressions your Brand Awareness campaign served.
New visitors How many of the people reached ended up visiting your site.
Engaged visitors How many new visitors ended up demonstrating strong engagement with your site by visiting three or more pages.
Conversions Ultimately, how many conversions occurred: Total conversions is the sum of attributed view-through (VTC) and click-through (CTC) conversions.

As traffic moves through your conversion funnel, we report the advance rate: the percentage of the previous group that progresses to the next stage. The end conversion rate (%) is the number of conversions from the initial pool of unique visitors.

Campaign trends

Attributed conversions over the last 30 days How many conversions occurred each day over the past 30 days.
Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) over the last 30 days The average cost of each conversion that your Brand Awareness campaign drove. CPA = spend/conversions

Advanced conversion metrics

Your conversion timeline provides a big-picture understanding of when conversions occur. Knowing how long it takes different visitors to convert after last contact with your campaign can help you assess your attribution settings (whether they line up with your actual conversion timeline).

From last ad impression before converting Average time it took your visitors to convert from the last served impression before conversion.
On your site before converting Average number of pages that customers viewed before converting.
From first visit before converting The average time it takes someone to convert from when they first visit your site.

Full-Funnel Conversion Insights

See how your Brand Awareness campaigns drive incremental lift.

Unique users reached The number of unique users you delivered an impression to over the last 30 days.
New visitors The number of unique users reached that made it to your website. This includes both view and click-through.
New visitors retargeted How many new visitors are retargeted by your ads.
Assisted conversions These are conversions which occurred after seeing a Brand Awareness ad and a Retargeting ad.

Impact of Brand Awareness on Retargeting

These metrics give a high-level summary of how your Brand Awareness campaigns are providing lift for your Retargeting campaigns.

Retargeted visitors that started as Brand Awareness visitors This compares the percentage of people retargeted who first saw a Brand Awareness ad to all other retargeted visitors.
Retargeting conversions that started as Brand Awareness visitors How many Retargeting conversions are a direct result of Brand Awareness? See assisted conversions over the last 30 days with the associated last-impression time. This should support the attribution window you’ve set on your Retargeting account. The grayed out area on the right represents conversions that occur outside of your set attribution window.
CTR of visitors retargeted over last 30 days  This compares the retargeting click-through rate of visitors who came in through Brand Awareness vs. all other channels. If your Brand Awareness visitor CTR rate is higher than others, your campaign is driving higher quality visitors to your site.
Retargeting rate of Brand Awareness visitors over last 30 days How effective are your Retargeting efforts for your Brand Awareness visitors? Retargeting your high-quality visitors should lead to more conversions.
Top audiences with Brand Awareness visitors These are the top audiences where Brand Awareness visitors landed. The higher the percentage, the more visitors are engaged with this audience.
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