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Integrating AdRoll and BlueKai

AdRoll offers server-to-server integration with the Oracle BlueKai data management platform (DMP). You can easily sync Oracle BlueKai segments with AdRoll, then target these customers with ads across display, social and mobile channels.

You need:

  • An Oracle BlueKai account
  • An AdRoll account
  • An active AdRoll Pixel on your website

Integration Steps
1. Locate your unique Advertiser ID. You can find this in your AdRoll Pixel.
2. Reach out to BlueKai to let them know that you would like to set AdRoll up as a destination for your BlueKai data.
3. Make sure the BlueKai ID Swap Tag for AdRoll is in place on your site.
4. On your AdRoll dashboard, From the AdRoll dashboard, view and reach your BlueKai segments through display, social, and mobile retargeting campaigns.


How do I locate my unique advertiser_ID?

You can find your unique Advertiser ID by pulling up your AdRoll Pixel on your dashboard. Your Advertiser ID can be found after adroll_adv_id = in quotes. See X in the image below.

Make sure that you copy your Advertiser ID and not your Pixel ID (Y).


Where can I find more information about how to set this up with BlueKai?

Your BlueKai account manager will be able to guide you through this process. To get the conversation started, feel free to use the following prepared language.

I want to set AdRoll up as a destination for my BlueKai data. My AdRoll Advertiser ID is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do to get this set up.

Read more about BlueKai’s process for setting up integrations, here.

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