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Getting into Your Account

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How do I log in to my AdRoll account?

If you’ve signed into your AdRoll account previously, we’ll remember you when you come back using the same browser. Otherwise, follow these steps to log in:

1. Click here. If you are on our website, click “Login” in the top right of the page.
2. Enter the email address you used to sign up.
3. Next, enter your password or click here to reset it.
4. Click “Sign In.”


I can’t log in.

If you are unable to access your account, first check that you are using the right:

  • Email address: The quickest way to tell if you are using the right email address is to log in to your email account and search for an email from AdRoll. When you sign up, we send you a welcome email.
  • Password: Your password can be a mix of letters, numbers or symbols, and is case sensitive. If you forgot your password, we'll email you a password reset link. Make sure you use the same email you used to sign up.

If you are still having trouble logging in, reach out to the Customer Delight team with your website URL using the email address you used to sign up. If you are using a different email address to contact us, we will ask for additional information to help us keep your account safe.


How do I change my password?

To change your password you will need to log in to your account. Next, go to "Personal Information" under Settings. Enter your current password, specify a new password, and then confirm your new password. Click “Update” to save changes.

A strong password contains a mix of lowercase, uppercase, numeric and special (!@#$%^&*) characters.


I’m worried about my account security.

Never share your password by email to keep your account safe. If anyone other than you needs to be able to access your account, add them as an “Additional User” instead of sharing your login credentials. This gives you greater control over the type of access each user has and also allows us to tie actions on your dashboard to specific users.

If you think someone unauthorized has gained access to your account, log in and change your password immediately. A strong password contains a mix of lowercase, uppercase, numeric and special(!@#$%^&*) characters. You might also consider enabling 2-step verification for added security moving forward.

Finally, review your campaigns and account settings to make sure that no changes have been made.


How do I log out of my AdRoll dashboard?

Go to Settings and click "Log out of my account" to log out.


The person who opened this account is not with the company anymore.

If you were added to the account as an Admin previously, you have the same access as whoever originally set the account up (the primary user). Log in to your account using your email and password. Then go to “Additional Users” in "Settings" (gear icon in the top right corner) to update access to your account.

If you are not an Admin, but you have access to their email inbox (ask your IT department), use their email address to request a password reset link. Next, go to "Personal Information" in "Settings" to switch out the email address for your own.

If you are not an Admin user on the account and cannot get access to their email account, reach out to the Customer Delight team with the following account information:

  • The primary user’s email address
  • Your billing address 

We need this information to make sure that you are authorized to gain full access to this account.

If you do not know which email address is on file, we’ll walk through a few additional verification steps before releasing account access to you.

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