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Activating Past Subscribers through MailChimp

Retarget visitors who subscribed before you activated AdRoll Email

We can activate email addresses you collected before signing up for Email by passing their emails through the links in your newsletters. We do this by adding the Email merge tag. This will allow us to:

  • Capture the users’ email address anytime they click a link in the newsletter where the merge tag was added.

  • Allow us to email retarget them even if they don’t provide their email address onsite.

Add the Merge tag to your MailChimp Account


 To add the merge tag to your MailChimp template first log in to your MailChimp account.

Once logged in go to the templates tab. There you’ll see a list of campaigns.

Once there you’ll see a list of your templates. Click the name of the template.

Within the template go to each block and click the pencil icon to edit it.


When editing a text cell

  1. To add the merge tag you’ll want to edit the link. To do this click the icon that looks like 2 chain links connected.

  2. At the end of the HTTPS URL add on ?sendroll_email=*|EMAIL|* Note: If using additional UTM tags use &sendroll_email=*|EMAIL|* instead)

  3. Click the insert button

When editing an image Block

  1. On the image block's Content tab, click the Link option.

  2. At the end of the URL add on ?sendroll_email=*|EMAIL|* (Note: If using additional UTM tags use &sendroll_email=*|EMAIL|* instead)

  3. Click the insert button

Testing your email


Once you’ve gone through each content block with updated links with the merge tag; test your links. 

  1. Click the Preview and Test drop down on the top right corner.

  2. Send yourself a test email.

  3. Check the links in the email by clicking on them and making sure they route to your site.

  4. To verify the merge tag is working - hover over the URL. If you see your email address pulled in the merge tag is successful!


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