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Prospecting Insights Reports

How do I generate a Prospecting Insights report?

1. Go to your "Prospecting" tab

2. In the top right corner, drop down the "Actions" menu.

3. Click "Download Insights Report."

4. Select an end date for your report—we will look back 30 days from the date you select.

5. (Optional) Check the box to receive Prospecting Conversion Insights.

New to Prospecting? Your Insights reports work best after two weeks of active Prospecting campaigns.


What does each report show me?

Below we provide a brief overview of what type of insights each report provides. To dive deeper into how to understand each report, click on the report name.

Visitor Insights

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This report allows you to learn more about the type of visitors your Prospecting campaign brings to your website. Use it to understand who your audience is, where they are from, and what their interests are.

Generate this report to see:

  • How the volume and quality of Prospecting traffic compares to all other traffic sources (organic and paid)
  • What devices your Prospecting visitors use
  • How Prospecting traffic interacts with your campaign/ads
  • How much time Prospecting traffic spends on your website
  • Demographic data (available to US only at this time)

Prospecting Conversion Insights

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This report looks at your purchasing funnel and analyzes how effective your Prospecting campaign(s) is at driving conversions.

Generate this report to see:

  • Your conversion funnel and a deep dive of different stages (Reach, New Visitors, Engaged Visitors and Conversions)
  • Conversion metrics and trends over the past 30 days
  • A conversion timeline and median metrics (such as how long it takes your users to convert after seeing your Prospecting ad)

Full Funnel Conversion Insights

(learn more)

This report looks at your full conversion funnel (Prospecting and Retargeting combined) to analyze how prospecting lifts your retargeting conversions. 

Generate this report to see:

  • How prospecting drives incremental lift on your retargeting conversions
  • Retargeted users that started as prospecting visitors
  • Retargeting conversions that are assisted by Prospecting
  • When Your AdRoll prospects convert on retargeting
  • CTR of Visitors Retargeted Over Last 30 Days
  • Retargeting Rate of Prospecting Visitors Over Last 30 Days
  • Top Segments with Prospecting Visitors


Can I get insights by campaign?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned for updates. For now, all insights look at your Prospecting traffic overall.

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