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Activate your AdRoll Pixel

To place the AdRoll Pixel, copy your AdRoll Pixel from the dashboard, then add it to your BigCommerce store by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce profile.

  2. Navigate to Advanced Settings.

  3. Go into the Web Analytics section.
  4. Make sure the Google Analytics options is selected, then go to the Google Analytics tab.

  5. Paste the AdRoll Pixel a couple lines below the Google Analytics script.

  6. Make sure to hit Save!


Enhanced conversion tracking

This script can be used to implement enhanced conversion tracking in BigCommerce stores:


Add the Script to BigCommerce

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Under Advanced Settings, find "Affiliate Conversion Tracking".
  3. Paste the above script in the Conversion Tracking Code box.

Below is a list of variables that are commonly used within BigCommerce:

  • %%ORDER_AMOUNT%% - The order total in dollars/cents
  • %%ORDER_AMOUNT_IN_CENTS%% - The order total in cents
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL%% - The order subtotal in dollars/cents
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_IN_CENTS%% - The order subtotal in cents
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED%% - The order subtotal in dollars/cents, minus coupons and other discounts
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED_IN_CENTS%% - The order subtotal in cents, minus coupons and other discounts
  • %%ORDER_ID%% - The order ID
  • %%ORDER_EMAIL%% - The customer's e-mail address

Click here to learn more about passing back custom variables.

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