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Enhanced Conversion Tracking on Magento

Note: if you are using the Magento 1.x extension, you already have this enabled and do not need to complete these steps.

Because of the different versions of and updates to the Magento software, the steps below may vary very slightly. If you find any discrepancies, please consult Magento’s documentation or customer support.

1. Confirm that your AdRoll Pixel is placed in the Miscellaneous HTML section in your Magento Admin Panel.
2. In the folder that contains your Magento files, find the file with the path /app/design/frontend/default/yourskinname/template/checkout/success.phtml. There are several ‘success.phtml’ files within the root folder, so make sure to find the appropriate one.
3. Open up the file in a text editor and add the following php and javascript code in a place that does not interfere with the code that already lives in the file.

After you complete these steps, you should begin to see conversions record revenue on your dashboard.

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