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Prospecting Overview

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What is AdRoll Prospecting?

Prospecting is an upper-funnel product offering that drives new, high-quality site visitors who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. You can run these campaigns on the web or Facebook.


How does it work?

Instead of making an educated guess about what your ideal customer might look like, Prospecting leverages your website's customer data to find audiences that act like your converted users, driving the highest value new users possible.

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Can I run AdRoll Prospecting? When will it be available for me?

Prospecting is currently available for select advertisers and will become available to more advertisers on a rolling basis. If you are new to AdRoll, you can sign up for Prospecting here. If you’re an existing AdRoll customer, you can start the process via your dashboard. Simply navigate to “Prospecting” at the top and select “Opt-in.”


What are the requirements for running Prospecting?

We have two requirements to run a Prospecting campaign:

1. Before running Prospecting, we require you run a retargeting campaign. This is because we want to do well at converting the low-hanging fruit on your website so that our algorithm can understand your online customers.
2. Opt in to the IntentMap.


Do I have to opt in to run Prospecting?

Yes, this is one of the two requirements for Prospecting. Opting in allows us to learn from your online customers and identify the best possible users to target from our data set.


I just opted in. Why am I on the waitlist?

If you are placed on the waitlist, our team needs a little more time to support your website. Prospecting works by analyzing your website’s customer data (or intent data), in order to target new audiences that act the most like your existing customers. To ensure success in finding high-quality prospects for you, the product requires a certain amount of existing customer data on the website first. However, we’re expanding the product's capability soon -- please stay tuned! Because you’re already on the waitlist, we will reach out for next steps to launch when things are ready.


How is AdRoll Prospecting different from finding new audiences on Facebook?

AdRoll Prospecting uses our proprietary technology to find new, potential customers across the web. In addition to that, we can also allocate your budget to find new customers on Facebook. AdRoll is a single platform for all your performance marketing campaigns across the web and social media.


Will Prospecting send my website traffic to my competitors?

No. We never transfer cookies from one advertiser to another. Additionally, we do not allow other advertisers to target your segments.


Is this a good option for small websites?

Absolutely. What's important is that we have enough high intent data to inform our understanding of what makes your customer tick. Running a retargeting campaign (a requirement for eligibility) provides us with the insight we need to build a strong Prospecting actalike segment. We'll take what we learn to drive new and engaged traffic to your site—people who will stick around and explore different pages and products on your website rather than bounce off your homepage.

If you are interested in running a Prospecting campaign in the future, let us know!

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