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Prospecting Overview

Prospecting is an upper-funnel way to attract new, high-quality site visitors who are likely to be interested in your products or services. You can run these campaigns on the general web and on Facebook.


How it works

We use our proprietary technology to find new, potential customers across the web. In addition, we can allocate your budget to find new customers on Facebook.

Prospecting leverages your website's customer data to find people who act like your current customers.

Check out this video to learn more.


Prospecting requirements

In order to run a prospecting campaign, you need to opt in to our data co-op. Opting in allows us to learn from your online customers and identify the best possible users to target from our data set.

We never transfer cookies from one advertiser to another. Additionally, we do not allow other advertisers to target your audience.


Prospecting with smaller websites

If you have small website or low site traffic, you can still run Prospecting. What's important is that we have enough information about your high-intent visitors. Your retargeting campaign provides the insight we need to build a strong Prospecting audience.

We recommend having at least 1000 users cookied in your audience before you run a prospecting campaign

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