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Generate Custom Reports

We provide a wide selection of data, allowing advertisers to choose the report best suited to their needs. From high-level overviews to granular metrics, advertisers are able to download custom reports based on how they evaluate campaign performance.

To access your reports, log in to AdRoll, and then choose “Generate Report.”


Choosing your report

Once you’ve clicked “Generate Report,” you’ll notice a variety of reports that you can choose from. How do you choose which option is best for your needs?  Below is a breakdown of each reporting option.

Profile Overview The Profile Overview report is great for answering high-level questions like, “How is my account performing overall?” The Profile Overview report also contains your Granular Conversions Report, which provides insights for the how, when, and where of AdRoll-driven conversions.
All Campaigns The All Campaigns report is useful for comparing performance across campaigns. Interested in knowing which of your campaigns is driving a higher click-through rate (CTR)? All Campaigns is the report for you.
Visitor Data The Visitor Data report is great for comparing user behavior across the segments you’re actively targeting. For example, you might use this report to determine if your all visitors segment is driving more or fewer conversions than your cart segment.
Individual Campaign The Individual Campaign report is ideal for evaluating a single campaign in depth. In this report you can compare metrics between multiple AdGroups or evaluate the success of individual ads in your campaign.
Individual AdGroup The Individual AdGroup report can help evaluate the performance of one AdGroup within your campaign. For example, you might use this report to determine which ad within the AdGroup is driving the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA).


Tips for campaign reporting

Here are a few quick tips to make sure your campaign reporting answers the right questions:

1. Choose a date range. 

You have the ability to specify the date range during which you’d like to review data. You’ll do so after clicking “Generate Report” in the date range field. 

2. Specify your campaign/AdGroup.

In the Individual Campaign and Individual AdGroup reports, you’ll need to choose the campaign or AdGroup for which you’d like to see data. You can do so in the “Choose a Campaign/AdGroup” field.

3. Choosing multiple data options equates to multiple tabs in your exported spreadsheet:

If you choose to include several data points within your report, each one will be shown in a separate tab in the exported spreadsheet. Make sure to check each tab for valuable insights. 


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