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Understanding Prospecting Campaign Performance

Evaluating prospecting campaigns

Prospecting campaigns target people who haven’t been to your site and likely are unfamiliar with your brand.

These campaigns typically drive fewer direct (last-touch) conversions than retargeting campaigns. However, direct conversions are only part of the attribution story. We’ve introduced some new metrics into our reporting to help you evaluate the value of your Prospecting campaigns.


Understanding report terminology

To understand your report metrics, check out the comprehensive glossary of report terminology.


Prospecting creative best practices

Ads play a huge part in campaign performance. The best-performing Prospecting campaigns have compelling images and calls-to-action.

The following best practices can help drive performance:

Strong CTA: You're engaging new users, so catch their eye with strong incentives to act such as “15% off your first order.”

Look at retargeting performance: We suggest using the ads that have the highest volume of click-through conversions in your retargeting campaigns.

Dynamic ads: These are recommended for all retail campaigns.

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