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Request Ads from the Design Squad

AdRoll advertisers have access to our free ad creation service. Start a web campaign to request ads from our Design Squad: our internal team of professional designers. We’ll return with a set of seven ads (six web and one Facebook), customized for your business.

Your ads will be ready within 3 business days. You'll receive an email notification when they're automatically uploaded to your campaign.

How to Request Ads

If you don’t have a campaign:

  1. Log in to your AdRoll dashboard.

  2. Click Create New Campaign in the right sidebar. Check out detailed instructions for how to launch a campaign.

  3. Navigate to Ads > Request Ads.

  4. Fill out the form with the requested information.

  5. Review and launch.

If want new ads for an existing campaign:

  1. Fill out this form.

  2. Select the campaign(s) you want new ads for.


Information Needed to Create Your Ads

Destination URL

The URL of the page your visitors land on after they click your ad.

Call to action (CTA)

This is what you want your audience to do. Select from our list of suggested CTAs, or choose "Other” if you have something specific in mind. As a best practice, your CTA should be concise.

Website branding

Enter your website URL so we can make sure that your ads match your brand. In most cases, this will match the domain of your destination URL.

Additional copy, notes or requests

If you have any instructions for your designer, enter them here. For example:
  • Your value proposition
  • Any special promotions you're running
  • A particular service or product category you want to highlight

Logo and other brand assets

We’ll need your logo at a minimum. If you have any other images that you want us to include, send them over.
  • .png or layered .psd files are preferred
  • Maximum filesize 2MB


Your New Ads

If you request ads through a web campaign, ads in the following sizes will be automatically uploaded to that campaign when they're ready:

  • 300x250
  • 160x600
  • 728x90
  • 300x600
  • 970x250
  • 320x50 (mobile)

Learn more about ad sizes.

If you request ads through a Facebook campaign, a prepared 600x315 Facebook ad with title, text, and a link description will be automatically uploaded to that campaign when it is ready. Feel free to edit your ad as needed, if you want to change the messaging or add a CTA.

Your ads will be ready within 3 business days. When they're ready, we’ll send you an email to confirm. Once they're automatically uploaded to your campaign, they'll be available in the Ads tab of your dashboard.

Design Squad is currently an English-only service.

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