Safari 12.0 and higher blocks all third-party cookies – users on these browsers won't be shown a consent banner.

For users on Safari 11.x and under, we'll display a cookie consent banner if you've opted in to Safari on AdRoll. 

Opt in to serving ads on Safari:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Opt-Ins.

  2. Check the box next to Serve ads on Safari, Apple's default browser.

  3. Select your banner theme.
  4. Save.

How It Works

Visitors who aren't yet in AdRoll's ecosystem will see a one-time banner informing them that in order to receive a tailored ad experience, they'll need to accept these AdRoll terms. When your visitor accepts by either clicking on the banner or navigating to another page on your site, they grant consent.

Banner Text

Your browser settings do not allow cross-site tracking for advertising. Click on this page to allow AdRoll to use cross-site tracking to tailor ads to you. Learn more or opt out of this AdRoll tracking by clicking here. This message only appears now. Accept and Close

Once you enable AdRoll on Safari, your AdRoll Pixel automatically updates to show this banner.

For Safari 10 and below, we place a cookie on someone after they click on your page. From there, this cookie is just like any other cookie in your AdRoll audience.

For Safari 11 and above, we create a non-cookie-based tracking ID for that browser. This isn’t visible to your visitors and doesn’t appear on the browser, although it may appear in some tracking tools as source of traffic.

Supported Languages

We use logic to detect the locale of the browser and display the banner in the corresponding language. AdRoll supported languages include English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. English is the default for any unsupported languages.


You can't break down your campaign reporting by browser,  but we recommend monitoring lift in impressions, CTRs, CPCs, and CPA after 2-4 weeks. Also, if you use Google Analytics you can add "browser" as a secondary dimension to break out performance on Safari.


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