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Retargeting on Safari

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How do I retarget users on Safari?

Setting up retargeting on Safari is easy! To activate this feature, go to Settings > Integrations. Select the checkbox to retarget Safari users and click Save.


Why should I use this feature?

By default, all Safari browsers (both desktop, iPhone and iPad) reject 3rd party cookies. That means that we can’t retarget those users. AdRoll for retargeting Safari users allows us to place the AdRoll cookie so that you can reach those users with retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting on Safari users helps increase the scale and reach of your retargeting campaigns by allowing you to place cookies on Safari browsers.


How does Retargeting on Safari work?

Users who do not have an AdRoll cookie will see a one-time banner informing them that to receive a tailored ad experience, they will need to accept 3rd party cookies from AdRoll. If the users clicks ‘accept & close’ or navigates to another page on the site, the user grants implicit consent placing the AdRoll cookie. The user will no longer see the banner as they navigate through your site or when they return.


Is any additional code or dev work required on my side?

No, once you click to accept and enable retargeting Safari users, your AdRoll Pixel is automatically updated to deploy the banner and additional logic.

*Not currently compatible with the ipixel.


What does the banner look like?

The banner is a slightly transparent white box with black text that hovers at the bottom of the page allowing content to scroll beneath. You may also select the alternative black background/white text option through the integrations page.


What happens if users clear their cookies?

That user will no longer have the AdRoll cookie and will be shown the banner again in order to gain consent to place the cookie.


Is the banner translated for different languages?

Yes, there is logic to detect the locale of the browser and display the banner and opt out page in the corresponding language. AdRoll supported languages are English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese. English is the default for any unsupported languages.


Do I need to create new campaigns? What campaigns will be affected?

No, this solution simply enables us to place an AdRoll cookie on those users. From there, this cookie is just like any other cookie in your retargeting audience and will fall in campaigns based on the segments that user belongs to.


Will we be able to see reporting on the effectiveness of this by browser or operating system (OS)?

You will not be able to see reporting by OS (i.e. Apple or Android) or browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox...) in your dashboard, as reporting is not broken out by device type. We recommend monitoring lift in impressions, CTRs, CPCs, and CPA after 2-4 weeks. Also, if you use Google Analytics you can add "browser" as a secondary dimension to break out performance on Safari.

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