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Adjusting Your Dashboard Language

Now you're speaking my language

  1. Navigate to Settings > Personal Information.

  2. Within Personal Information find the language settings toward the bottom right.

  3. Click on the list below Language and choose from the available languages.

  4. Click Update to save.**

Don’t see your native language? As AdRoll grows internationally, we will improve our international support features. Thank you for your patience!


Also good to know

  • **To save any changes to Personal Information you'll need to add your first and last name.

  • The language you set is specific to your dashboard display. If there are additional users on your account, they'll have independent control of how their dashboards appear.

  • AdRoll bills in USD. Adjusting your language does not adjust currency. Please reach out to your account manager or the Delight team for help with currencies.

  • AdRoll dashboards are standardized to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Adjusting your language does not localize timezone.

  • The AdRoll dashboard supports the following languages: Dutch, English (US/UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

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