How to Install AdRoll for Shopify

 Connect your Shopify store with AdRoll

  1. Create an account or log in to AdRoll.

  2. Choose your experience level with online ads.Screen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_11.21.08_AM.png

  3. Click Connect Shopify Store.

  4. Click Install app on the next page.

  5. Click Continue after your store has been connected.


  6. Next upload your store's logo and click Continue.


  7. You will then see a preview of one of the seven ads created for you.


  8. Launch your first AdRoll campaign!

If You Have an Existing AdRoll account

If you previously placed an AdRoll Pixel on your store pages, delete it before connecting with Shopify. You can then access the installation steps here to complete the integration.

Note: Make sure to delete any existing conversion audiences when you integrate to avoid double tracking purchases.

Get started with the AdRoll for Shopify app >


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