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Launching a Campaign

To launch a campaign, first sign in. Before you launch, make sure your AdRoll Pixel is active.

Create a New Campaign

To get started, click Create New Campaign in the right sidebar.

  1. Choose whether you want to run ads on Web, Facebook, or Email.

    • Web is good for reach: We serve your ads everywhere your visitors go on the general web.

    • Facebook is good for social engagement: Visitors can like, comment, and share your post with their network.

    • Email is good for direct contact: Send your message straight to the inbox.
  2. Customize your campaign settings

    • Budget: Minimum required budget is $3/day.

    • Schedule: By default, your campaign is set to start immediately with no end date (you can specify an end date later by editing your campaign). We recommend a two week minimum for your campaign.

    • Geotargets: You can set geotargets to target or exclude specific locations.

  3. Choose your audience.

    • If you're running a general brand campaign or just getting started, we recommend targeting All Visitors.

  4. Choose your ads.

    • To receive free custom ads made by our in-house Design Squad, select Request Ads.

    • To upload your own ads, drag and drop your files or browse for them.

  5. Payment and review

    • You must enter a Credit Card or link PayPal to launch your campaign.

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