Set Up a Website Campaign on Facebook

Website campaigns drive clicks back to your website, and ultimately help drive conversions. Use this highly-targeted ad unit to:

  • Target visitors who have browsed your site for specific products, increasing the chances of turning that visitor into a customer.

  • Target consumers who recently purchased a product or service from you to promote your latest deals and offers.

Facebook ads combine the power of AdRoll with social capabilities such as likes, shares, or comments to increase organic interest as well.

Before You Start

To launch dynamic product ad campaigns, you will need:

 Create Your Campaign


  1. Go to the Ad Campaign tab in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click Create Campaign.

  3. Choose Social.

  4. Name your campaign.

  5. Under Campaign Types choose Retargeting.

  6. Under Campaign Objective choose Send People to Your Website.

  7. Select your Bid Strategy.

  8. Open Advanced Options to create additional AdGroups on your campaign. AdGroups allow you to serve different sets of ads to different groups within your audience. Learn more about AdGroups.

  9. Define your Audience and AdGroups.

    1. If this is your first campaign, we recommend targeting All Visitors. Or, to learn how to target a more granular audience in your campaign.

    2. Geotargeting: search for a location to target or exclude it from your campaign

    3. (Optional) Excluding your conversion audience: to avoid showing ads to people who have already converted, exclude your conversion audience. Learn more about your conversion audience.

  10. Add your Ads.

    1. If already have ads in AdRoll, click Choose Existing.

    2. Click Create to use our internal ad builder.

    3. Click Upload to upload an image from your computer.

      Note:  Ad images must be 600x315, 600x600, 1200x628, or 1200x1200 pixels and must have less than 20% text (check to see if your ad qualifies). The size of the file must be less than 8MB.

    4. Fill out the required text fields for your ad. We highly recommend using all the fields and using a Call-to-Action button. To preview your ad across the different placements, use the arrows within the ad preview tool.

      Note: Social ads show up as “Sponsored” posts on timelines. Users can interact with those ads and you can see their responses by using Ad Permalinks. View the ad as a post to check responses and reactions.

      Find your Ad Permalink:

      1. Go to the Ad Campaigns tab on the left navigation menu.
      2. Scroll to the Campaigns section
      3. Scroll down to the Campaigns section and click on Columns
      4. Click Customize Columns from the drop-down menu.
      5. Check the Ad Permalink option under Attribute.
      6. Click Done.
  11. Set your Budget and Schedule.

    1. Budgets can be set weekly or daily. Get more Budget Tips.

    2. Your budget will be applied at the campaign level.

    3. Set a start and end date for your campaign. By default, we’ll start the campaign immediately, and run it without an end date, however, if you want to set specific dates for the campaign to run, click on the arrows to see the date picker and to select the time your campaign launches.

  12. If this is your first campaign, add your Payment Method.

    • To add a credit card, simply click Credit Card and fill out the details for your credit card. Your credit card will then appear as a payment option.

    • To pay with PayPal, you will have to connect your PayPal account to AdRoll.

  13. Review your campaign details and hit Launch! Your campaign will be reviewed within one business day.

 To learn more about advertising on social media, check out our Social Ads article.

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