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Promotional Codes and Credit

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How do promo codes work?

We apply promo codes, or promotional credit directly to your account balance. To learn how your account balance factors into weekly billing, click here.

This credit can be put towards paying for ad deliveries or be used to cover the budget of a newly approved campaign (as long as you have enough to cover the full budgeted amount). It never expires and will continue to supplement your costs until it runs out. That means if you leave your account idle for a year and come back, your credit will be waiting for you with open arms.


How do I redeem my promo code?

If you have a specific promo code to redeem, you will enter it on the last step of campaign creation.

Click on the “Have a promo code?” link to expose the promo code field. Copy and paste your promo code into the textbox that appears.

If a red X appears, check your promo code again and make sure that it matches the promo code given to you exactly. Promo codes are case sensitive. The example below illustrates what happens when there is an error preventing us from accepting your promo code.

If the promo code field disappears after you click out of it, then your code was accepted. Make sure you launch your campaign to complete the process.


Why isn't my promo code working?

Reach out to the Customer Delight team and we’d be happy to look it up for you. If this is a system error, we’ll apply it manually. If it’s expired, send us the page or email that you grabbed it from, and we’ll honor that promotion—just for you!


Will my promo code be redeemed if my campaign is not approved?

When you submit a promo code, it does not get applied until your campaign has been approved. If your campaign is not approved and you’re launching a new campaign, make sure that you enter your promo code again.


How can I make sure that my promo code was applied?

You can check your account balance in “Billing History.”

1. Log in to your AdRoll dashboard.
2. Go to "Settings" (gear).
3. Select “Billing History” in the settings menu.
4. Current Balance shows the amount of credit you have in your account balance. Any promo credit added to your account will be reflected here.

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