Account Overview

Ad CampaignsAd Library, and Audience are the main sections of your account. You can navigate to each of these sections from the top navigation bar.


  • Launch campaigns
  • Pause or complete campaigns
  • Check campaign performance
  • See how ads within each campaign are performing
  • Pull performance reports


  • View uploaded ads
  • Upload new ads
  • Monitor individual ad performance
  • Bulk edit or delete ads
  • Organize your website visitors into different rule-defined audiences
  • Upload your CRM lists
  • Adjust audience duration
  • Edit or delete existing audiences
  • Understand key drivers to conversion
  • Explore six rule-based attribution models
  • View cross-channel conversion paths
  • Connect AdRoll and Google Analytics data
  • Choose from a variety of reports or create a custom report.
  • View high-level overviews as well as granular metrics.
  • Customize and schedule reports to share and to further understand campaign performance.



All other controls can be found in Settings (the gear icon):

  • Update user or account information
  • Set up billing
  • Manage who has access to your account
  • Activate third-party platform integrations
  • Change your attribution settings
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