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Facebook Ads Best Practices

Your Facebook ads drive incremental lift to accompany your efforts on the general web and through email. Your first-party data is the key to engaging your visitors on one of the largest ad inventory sources on the web. As a leading Facebook partner, here are tips to help you get more from your campaigns.


Look your best

  • Testing makes perfect. Changing fonts, colors, images, and calls to action can make the difference between a lower and higher-performing ad.

  • Little changes can make a big impact. Test ads by using the same image but different colors or copy. Let them both run for about 10,000 impressions, and then pause or remove the under-performer.

  • Rotate creative to prevent ad fatigue. Keep your ads fresh by switching out your creative every two to three weeks. The rotation window may vary depending on your frequency caps and the number of users in your user list.

  • Pro tip: In addition to your rotation schedule, switch out your creative whenever an ad’s performance starts to drop.


Grab their attention

  • Keep running different promotions and test free offers, discounts, one-day promos, or loyalty programs to drive additional social engagement and sales.

  • Punctuation and good grammar play key roles in attracting visitors. 


Best practices:

  • Use call-to-action (CTA) buttons to set clear expectations for your visitors and to drive performance.

  • Encourage engagement by asking questions in the ad title.

  • Draw attention to your ad using words like “Free” or “Sale.”

  • Choose images and colors that look vivid against Facebook’s blue and white.

  • Cast a wide net by testing as many ads as possible.

  • Try out landing pages that are higher or lower in your sales funnel to see which lead to more conversions.

Want to update existing ads based on the recommendations above? Read through Managing Ads in Your Ad Library for instructions on bulk editing ads to make these changes faster.



  • Use abbreviations or jargon that may be unfamiliar to the general public.

  • Place logos in your ads, unless your brand is very well known.

  • Build Facebook ads like general display ads. (Instead, give context and respect brevity.)

  • Forget your customers are on Facebook to socialize!

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