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Your Ad Library

Any ads you upload will be stored in your Ad Library. You can search for your ads by name or use filter options.


Contributing to Your Ad Library

In the right sidebar you will find options to upload ads by type. Ads uploaded to your Ads library are not added to campaigns automatically; this allows you to prepare your ads before submitting them for approval in active campaigns.

Make sure that you are familiar with our Ad Guidelines. We have specific ad size, format, and content guidelines that you will need to comply with in order to upload your ad and ultimately have it approved to run in your campaign.

Editing Existing Ads

Individual Edits

To edit an individual ad, hover over the ad and follow the option to Edit

  • For web ads, you can edit your ad’s name or destination URL.
  • For Facebook ads, you can edit your ad’s name, destination URL, and text to accompany your ad image, or you can manage an optional call-to-action button. When you edit an active Facebook ad, a duplicate will automatically be made.


Bulk Edits

To perform bulk edits on your ads, you must be in list view. 

Bulk Edit Destination URLs

  1. Select all ads you want to update, and then click Edit. This can be a mix of both Facebook and web ads.

  2. Edit the Destination URL field.

  3. Click Apply to all to have the URL applied to all selected ads.

  4. Save.

Bulk Edit Facebook Text

  1. Select all ads you wish to update, and then click Edit.

  2. Edit Facebook text fields as needed. To apply changes across all selected ads, click the Apply to option that appears.

  3. Save.

Bulk Edit Facebook Buttons

  1. Select all ads you wish to update, and then click Edit.

  2. Click Button and select the call to action you would like to apply to your ad.

  3. To bulk apply the button to all selected ads, click the Apply button to… link directly below your selection.

  4. Save.

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