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How Your AdRoll Pixel Works

Your AdRoll Pixel is a JavaScript code snippet that you place in the footer of your site, just before the </body> tag. The pixel loads asynchronously and independently, so it won't block page load.

Learn how to add your AdRoll Pixel to your website. You can also check our integrations for an easy installation.

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Your unique pixel

Your AdRoll Pixel is uniquely generated when you create an AdRoll account. If you create additional advertiser profiles to manage multiple websites on your account, we generate additional unique pixels.

To make sure the AdRoll Pixel on your site is set up correctly, verify that the Advertiser ID or adroll_adv_id (X) and Pixel ID or adroll_pix_id (Y) for the AdRoll Pixel on your website match the ones on your account.


Cross-device ID (recommended)

Your AdRoll Pixel can recognize a unique visitor across devices. When you provide a cross-device ID to AdRoll, your ads will display on other devices that your visitor uses. You have to activate cross-device targeting separately.


Activating cross-device targeting

  1. Add your AdRoll Pixel to your website.

  2. Uncomment the adroll_email variable by removing the two leading slashes (//)

  3. Specify your website's unique variable name for capturing the email of the current user session.*

*In our example we used {{}} as the variable name, but this will differ depending on your website. If you are not sure what variable name to insert, reach out to your technical team.


Protecting collected email addresses

All collected email addresses are hashed before it is sent to AdRoll’s servers. A hashed email is an alphanumeric ID that isn't readable as an actual email address. This allows us to match a user with a common ID as they move between devices without storing sensitive information.

Finally, the connection between the client browser and AdRoll’s ad servers will be forced to use secure http (https) to securely transmit data.


Technical notes

Your AdRoll Pixel is an asynchronous JavaScript code designed to load quickly without interfering with any other elements on the page. The pixel adds an image to the <head> element of your code. We register a callback with the browser that is enacted at the end of the rendering process. No other DOM elements are transferred or manipulated. Even if Internet connection to AdRoll’s CDN and our servers were interrupted, your page load would not be blocked.

  • To ensure very fast loading regardless of the user’s geographical location, our pixel content is delivered from Akamai, the #1 global content delivery network (CDN).

  • The AdRoll Pixel dynamically handles both http and https.

  • The code has been tested by both our engineers and the developers of third-party data systems.

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