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Activating Your AdRoll Pixel

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What is my AdRoll Pixel?

Your pixel is a JavaScript code snippet that you add to your site, engineered to not affect your page load time. Learn more about what a pixel is and how it works.


How do I activate my AdRoll Pixel?

Your AdRoll Pixel activates automatically when you add it to your website. You’ll know that your pixel is active by going to the Audiences tab of your dashboard. If All Visitors has begun populating, this means that your AdRoll Pixel has activated.

Activating your AdRoll Pixel

  1. Copy your AdRoll Pixel from your dashboard by clicking on AdRoll Pixel Inactive on the right sidebar.

  2. Paste it in the HTML of your website right above the end </body> tag or in the global footer.

  3. (Optional) Uncomment the adroll_email line for cross-device targeting. Learn more.


Do you have instructions by platform?

We’ve compiled instructions for platforms that we know.

If your platform is not listed and you are not sure how to add it to your website, search your platform’s support documentation. Instructions differ from platform to platform, but searching for information using one of the following terms usually turns up results:

  • Footer or footer template
  • Theme or theme template
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Adding analytics
  • Adding code

If that doesn’t work, reach out to your platform’s support team (they’ll know better than us). Finally, if you have some time, let us know the name of your platform and how you did it.


Does my AdRoll Pixel need to fire on every page of my website?

Technically no, but we recommend that it does as a best practice. If your AdRoll Pixel is not firing on a page, then we are not capturing any activity on that page. If you place your AdRoll Pixel as instructed, you should only need to place it once for it to fire across every page of your website.

If you have an online shop, make sure that your AdRoll Pixel is also active on your cart or checkout pages. For some shops, checkout occurs on a different domain ( than store pages. If so, you’ll need to add your AdRoll Pixel to those pages separately. If you do not do this, we will not be able to target your highest-intent segment (cart) or know when someone successfully completes a purchase.


Why isn’t my AdRoll Pixel working?

If you’ve added your AdRoll Pixel to your website and there seems to be a problem, click here for troubleshooting help.

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